“Andy presents a clear summary of each technical subject and cogently handles specific questions”

“Great laughing with my 9 year old grand daughter in Florida on Face time, giggle, giggle !!
My penpal in Ireland told me my house
in Vienna was small on  Google Earth

“Mr. Livingston is a good instructor, has patience and always answers all the questions in a
clear way, pleasant personality”

“Good Feedback throughout the course,
Andy helped put things in perspective”

"I found the course to be stimulating & Andy’s gracious & encouraging manner helped me to keep moving forward. Thank you for a great learning experience” – Joan K., Alexandria, VA.

“Andy is a great instructor who gives us baby boomers practical advice” – Ann M., Reston, VA

“The course was very valuable, the handbook material, the presentations/demonstrations and individual pointers were quite valuable” -  Carol, Reston, VA

"I very much enjoyed the class; it's exactly what I was looking for.  Looking forward to next Friday. Thanks for the links."
- Tonia, Arlington, VA

"Hi Andy, Just want to thank you for being an excellent teacher and having the patience of a saint to work with us. I am so happy, I went home after class and finally was able to create hyperlinks from my outlook files, which will help me tremendously in sending large files to my clients.  Thanks again and I hope to take more classes with you in the future." - Pat, Loudoun, VA

"Your class was a big help in helping me make sense of all this. Sincerely and with thanks"
 - Marilyn T.

"I wanted to write and thank you for the informative course you conducted. I learned so much, and realize I have a lot more to learn. Your hand-out will be very helpful in the future, and I'm rereading it to get the information fresh in my mind. Thanks so much for introducing me to so much new technology."- Jackie, Mclean, VA

Your newsletters are very interesting and helpful -- thank you! As I continue to find my way with my new Galaxy Note 3, I am enjoying the process a lot. One of your finest bits of advice was "you are on your own a lot with this -- use your ingenuity -- use the Internet -- you can find a lot of the answers yourself" or words to that effect. Very true! I'm amazed at how much info I've been able to tease out using that approach

I always enjoy hearing this instructor's presentations, he is thorough, knowledgable and has a lot of experience to offer. Thank you for offering his classes! - March 2019 (Arlington County)

Arlington County class review - 2019

​​​​​​LAD Communications & Technology 
Winter 2022 Class Schedule

See below for details on classes that will help you in your everyday life, saving you $$ and helping you to connect better with your family, friends and community!

New class! - Automate your home with Google.. Learn how to smart automate your home with Google’s Home app and their various audio, video and Home security products. Listen to music or favorite podcast, check the weather or traffic, program your thermostat, set alarms and reminders, and so much more!

Downsizing? Have a lot of old stuff laying around you want to get rid of? Sign up for  a class on "How to Buy/Sell Ebay"

Getting tired of paying Verizon/Comcast hundreds of dollars per month?  Want to decrease your telecom/cable costs ? Register for this class, "Decrease your telecom Costs"

Don't know what updates to download?  Want to know how to maintain your computer? Register for the "Computer maintenance" course.

Want to be more socially active? Now that you have the time, get involved in your community. You'll learn about many resources and organizations where you can put your skills to use.  Register for the "Keeping Socially active in Retirement" course.

Keep active, Keep learning ! Keep your mind sharp, things are always a changing!

Decrease Telecom Costs -  Jan 14th, Friday
1:30 - 3:30 PM - Arlington County/Syphax Bldg.

Course Description: Want to explore ways to decrease your landline, wireless and cable bills? In this highly informative class, find out about new technologies like Roku, Chromecast & Hulu. Find out how to get free HDTV and go wireless to help save you money. Communicate via FaceTime & Google Voice or Ooma to replace your landline phone. Register: (703) 228-7200 or https://goo.gl/1M44FK

Google MUCH more than Search -
January 21st , Friday, 10 AM-12 PM
Arlington County/Syphax Bldg.
Course Description:
 In this highly interactive class, learn and do better all things that are Google such as Gmail, search tips, organize photos w/ Google photos, creating google docs, creating a personalized/shared calendar, make free phone calls w/ Google voice, learn about Google docs, download books, apps, music & more from the Google play store, utilize google keep to take notes, google translate to over 50 languages and much more. Register: (703) 228-7200 or    https://goo.gl/1M44FK

Today's Technology (Level 1, 2 sessions)
Jan 28/ Feb 4th, Friday's - 10-12 pm
Arlington County/Syphax Bldg.
Course Description:
 Confused about all the technology that society is using? Want to stay connected and learn to utilize the latest in computers, tablets & wireless devices? Want to explore the world and not leave your home? This informative, 2-week course will delve into cell/smart phones/prepaid, social media (Facebook, Linked In, twitter, Pinterest, etc..). Learn about I-Tunes, Ipads & useful apps to make your life easier & more productive. Learn what a blog is, what wi-fi & Bluetooth are &  Snapchat to connect with your family, friends & community.  Register: (703) 228-7200 or

Computer Maintenance  -  Feb 25/ March 4th, Friday
10 - 12 pm - Arlington County/Syphax Bldg.
Course Description:
 Students will learn how to keep their computers running smoothly by learning to use system tools, utility programs, firewalls, and virus protection. They will also learn how to handle a computer crash, decipher error messages, delete files and unwanted programs and keep their computers updated automatically. In addition, computer hardware maintenance will be discussed, along with proper surge protection and wireless network protection. Register:  (703) 228-7200 or https://goo.gl/1M44FK

Buy/Sell Ebay - March 11/18th - Friday's
10 AM-12pm - Arlington County/Syphax 
Course Description:
 Have a lot of "stuff" in your garage/basement collecting dust ?
In this "How to sell on Ebay" course you will learn how to  list items for sale, tend the auction, finalize the sale w/ Paypal. You also learn all the tips and tricks to maximize your online auction experience, all part of this fun eBay class.  Prerequisite: Have an item in mind that you would like to sell when you come to class. Learn how to use eBay effectively today. Register: (703) 228-7200 or https://goo.gl/1M44FK

Facebook training and security
March 25th, Friday, 10 - 12 pm
Arlington County/Syphax Bldg.
Course Description:
 This highly interactive class description will teach you all you need to know about Facebook.
From security and privacy settings to protecting your information to posting and tagging. In addition, we will explore Facebook messenger, marketplace,offers, live and fundraiser.
Register: (703) 228-7200 or https://goo.gl/1M44FK

Keeping Socially engaged in retirement, October 29th, Friday, 10-12 PM - Arlington County/Syphax Bldg
Course Description
: Now that you have the time, get involved in your community. You'll learn about many resources and organizations where you can put your skills to use. There are an abundance of non-profit organizations in the area that can benefit from your expertise. Teach, mentor or coach others. Learn about MeetUp groups, and online resources to stay engaged. Volunteer opportunities abound. Register:  (703) 228-7200 or https://goo.gl/1M44FK

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