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My background:

I have 30 years of technology experience in a variety of areas. I have worked at the Pentagon, developing wireless training on a worldwide basis.  I have a 2 teenage sons who are the reason i started my highly popular technology summer camps here in the Washington DC metro area. I saw them going from screen to screen doing nothing constructive with technology. For the first time i am releasing my curriculum to the public to help them deal with a major problem with today's youth. Too much consumption and not enough producing!

Facebook, Twitter, snapchat, Instagram all "bubble gum for your brain". Thank you for your time and coming to visit my website and doing your part to fix the problem!

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ARE Your kids spending too much time playing mindless games on the computer?


 A solution for ONLY $9.95! my 2017 Parents guide to the

best free websites and inexpensive constructive

Computer activities that will keep your child focused

all summer. skills like coding, website design, 3d

design, making music beats, Podcasting, t-shirt/hat 

design, app development, build their own computer and a

step by step process to help

you implement this new process!

I guarantee this will be the BEST $10 you ever spent !

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