To prepare for your survey, please do the following:

1. Write down what programs you watch?

2. Review your latest cable/wireless bill and see how much you are spending on service/equipment

3. Consider your wi-fi signal strength in your house as streaming options depend on it?  

5. Which HD Antenna should I buy to watch local TV stations in my area ? Check out this great resource to explain the science of picking the right one.

6. What is your existing cable contract date ?

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During your site survey, LAD Communications will:

* Review your latest cable/landline/wireless bill/equipment

* Measure your wi-fi strength in key areas of your property

* Review the best streaming/antenna/landline/wireless options

* Provide a detailed report of your choices moving forward so you can take ACTION and start SAVING!

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Customer testimonial after saving over $150/month on her cable/landline bill w/ Comcast!

Thanks Andy for your advice!

Verizon agreed to switch me from DSL to FIOS at a savings of $40 per month. And DirecTV gave me a new customer deal with a savings of $55 per month rather than lose my business. DirecTV, also gave me a free $100 Visa gift card and 3 months of free HBO & other premium stations.  Bernie, Arlington, VA