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LAD Communications & Technology is a firm committed to providing your child the finest experience in the "grass-roots", creative technology skills education arena. As a result, computer skills, and "thinking outside the box"  are integral parts of the  LAD Communications Lab experience. Students will become creative innovators and problem solvers while using technology in a productive manner. In our ever changing and fast-paced world, these skill sets will not only make your child a better student and problem solver but also give them the building blocks to develop themselves into sought-after employees.

Our programs can be used and accessed anywhere, so your student can be creative at home, in class or on vacation ! Most other programs (Robotics, etc.) use proprietary, expensive software, so when your student is done with the course, they don't have access to the software.

Secret agent Miles

Virtual Reality experience

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Camper Websites

Trevon Jackson, an extremely talented artist, produced a website with all of his portfolio drawings !

Lauryn created a great website to showcase her artwork, awesome !

Karson created a great website to showcase all her videos !

Cassie created this great site In Loudoun County !

Making videos in Vienna, VA

“Learn to code” Camp description:

All the tech greats started coding during their teen years, Zuckerberg, Gates & Jobs ! Learn how to start writing Javascript and HTML code, program with Scratch, an MIT developed program written especially for teens. Coding helps build critical thinking skills. Also covered will be computer maintenance and the basics of computer hardware and operating systems.  The latest technologies will also be explored such as Virtual Reality, Leap Motion & wearable tech.

"Computer Technology for the Creative teen" Camp description:

Learn & Do  PRODUCTIVE computer projects: PRODUCE a Podcast, shoot & EDIT video, CREATE your own flash website, Make your own 3D landscape, EXPLORE 3D printing, DESIGN your own T-shirt, hat, CREATE your own music beats & room design ! Great entrepreneurial/creative fun to be had by all ! You never know what career this might lead to ? Movie producer, writer, graphic/web designer, architect or audio/video production OR your own company!  The latest technologies will also be explored such as Virtual Reality, Leap Motion & wearable tech.

Game Design w/ Microsoft

3D Printing

Camp season pictures

Exploring new technology

Leap Motion


"Thanks very much for sharing the great photo.  Your camp is just perfect for my son !"

"Thank you so much for sharing the podcasts.  Brady and Owen both had a great time and raved about class today.  They were very proud to demonstrate the product of their work."

"Andy, Thank you for the update and photo! We are glad to hear that Thomas is doing well, achieving the highest camp score and enjoying it."

"Lena really enjoyed your class.  She has been talking about what she learned in your class !"

"Thank you much ! Both of my kids have enjoyed your camp"

"How fun! Thanks for sharing Isabella's podcast"

"Stefan likes the class and the teacher (he told me)"

"Jay liked your camp and has kept himself engaged the past week"

"Hi Andy, Simon is loving the class"

"Thank you for all your good work this past week teaching Nithin the basics of HTML /CSS and many more interesting programming concepts.  It has kindled in Nithin the curiosity to learn more about game development and programming.  I really appreciate the way you were able to connect with this age group and make them aware of the programming concepts"

"That podcast is very cool - thanks for sharing!"

"Thanks very much for the update on the kids' class progress! Not only do I think that it's a great report, I also think it keeps the kids on their toes!

"Thank you Andy!  Great class!  Amy said she learned more in 3 hours with you then the whole 1 week cybersecurity camp she previously took (and she enjoys the content a lot more as well). I look forward to talking with you more on your recommendations when she finishes your class. Thanks again!"  Kathy

"Wow what a camp!"

"Andy, Thanks for a terrific camp.I appreciate you getting Amy a Javascript license.  She really enjoyed your class and it helped us focus on a direction for her. We'll be looking at your website and interested in signing up for future Andy classes on programming/code.  Keep me on your email list of classes in this area."

"Andy, Thank you for sharing/sending Nathaniel's podcast. He is really excited about your class and the variety of computer uses you are introducing him to. This is exactly what he needed. Your class is providing him with new motivation, inspiration, and experiences."

Thanks, Pamella

"This is incredible! Thanks for sharing. Ashley is so excited about this camp"  Betsy

"We are SO proud of him..Thank you SO much for sharing!"

I just wanted to let you know that my daughter, Cassandra  enjoyed your computer technology class last week at Claude Moore Rec Center. Please keep doing what you're doing.   Regards, Eugenia

Thanks for the fabulous camp coding experience for my son. - Denice

Andy, These updates are great.  Thank you for taking the time to send one out daily.  Laurence has really enjoyed taking this class. He's actually disappointed it was only a week.  That's a testament to your teaching.  You've kept it interesting for him everyday he's been there.  So glad to see you mention practicing to keep their skills alive for the years ahead.  Couldn't agree more.  I wish he was taking the other technology classes being offered, but I signed him up too late and the classes were filled.  There is always next year. We hope to see you next summer. Take care, Stephanie

Andy, I want to tell you my son Owen truly loved the experience, I've felt my son learned not only skills, but values, and saw a very positive male role model.He loves technology and you channeled that love constructively - Kim

Product Design

(Hats, T-shirts, speciality items)

Computer Tech for Creative teen featured in Fairfax County Public Schools "after school program"

Great camp environment, students engaged w/ tech and having fun!

Room Design

Games created w/ Scratch, an MIT developed coding program

2018 LAD Communications summer technology camp

schedule ​announced!​

(Morning session in each location is "Learn to code" : afternoon session is "Computer tech for creative teen")

​Week of: June 17th - Reston Community Center,  Reston, VA
Learn to code ONLY 1:30-4:30 pm. Click here to register

Week of: June 25-29th - City of Alexandria, Charles Houston Center
Alexandria, VA. Click here to register

Week of: July 2-6th (4 days) - Dulles South Multipurpose Center, 24950 Riding Center Drive
South Riding, VA. Click here to register  

Week of: July 8-13th - Vienna Community Center, Vienna, VA.

Click here to register   

Week of: July 23-27th - City of Alexandria, Charles Houston Center
 Click here to register

Week of: July 30-Aug 3rd - Dulles South Multipurpose Center, 24950 Riding Center Drive
South Riding, VA. Click here to register  

Week of: Aug 6- Aug 10th - City of Falls Church, Falls Church Community Center
Click here to register 

Week of: August 13-17th -  Vienna Community Center, Vienna, VA. 
Click here to register   

Week of: August 20-24th - City of Falls Church, Falls Church Community Center
Click here to register 


Rapp'ing in Vienna, VA